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Volunteer Impact Academy Peer Mentors

VIA Peer Mentors serve as mentors to all incoming and current cohort members of the Volunteer Impact Academy and support for program excursions and workshops. In this role, peer mentors will help foster community within VIA while also discovering and developing their leadership style. Peer mentors are made up of second and third year participants in the program.

Meet our 2023-2024 VIA Peer Mentors!

Brii Davis (She/Her)

Cohort 2026

Top 5: Individualization, Activator, Developer, Input, Achiever

Hollister Hamlin (He/Him)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Competition, Empathy, Developer, Communication, Positivity

Belle Jenkins (She/Her)

Cohort 2026

Top 5: Restorative, Communication, Futuristic, Connectedness, Strategic

Becca Spiegel (She/Her)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Restorative, Context, Empathy, Consistency, Relator

Emma Fladeland (She/Her)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Communication, Adaptability, Empathy, Achiever, Woo

Sammi Hurd (She/Her)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Deliberative, Futuristic, Consistency, Achiever, Strategic

Julia Timms (She/Her)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Strategic, Focus, Discipline, Competition, Communication

Grace Hardin (She/Her)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Adaptability, Woo, Ideation, Restorative, Developer

Hadley Donaldson (She/Her)

Cohort 2026

Top 5: Futuristic, Input, Strategic, Consistency, Discipline

Joy Nolan (She/Her)

Cohort 2026

Top 5: Restorative, Activator, Individualization, Discipline, Responsibility

Noah Vroon (He/Him)

Cohort 2025

Top 5: Relator, Adaptability, Positivity, Futuristic, Empathy