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Administrators/Managing Groups

If you are serving as a group administrator in ServeUTK, you may want to refer to this guide for additional assistance.

Listing a Service Opportunity

To post an event, project, or opportunity (without the need for a group) you can go to events>add an event on the manage page of your organization.

To create an event, you will need to enter the following:

  • Name of the event
  • Type- volunteer opportunity, event, project, fundraiser, donation drive, ticketed event, pledge.
  • Duration- Single-day, multi-day, recurring, random dates throughout the year, or an open opportunity with no defined times? You can also add shifts to your event.
  • Privacy Settings- You can make an event private in the settings section.
  • Participants needed- the number of people you believe will be required. If you have an unlimited number, set it as “-1.”
  • Admin- the choices available include members and existing admins in your group.
  • Description- we suggest creating a description that is short, concise, and enticing to drive interest in your event!

After going through all of the above-required fields, you will have the option to go into the advanced sections which include adding event-specific logos, social media, website links, etc.

The event will be placed into draft mode and you have the option to “Publish”.

Registration – Registration Approval: If you want to approve each individual when they register, this will allow you to control who is able to register.

Managing Users and Rosters

As an event or group admin, there are abilities for you to individually add a person one by one or in bulk. Learn more here.

If you need to update rosters for multiple groups at the same time, you can use the user import template found in the link above. In the Group ID column, you can add the group id of the subgroup to which each user should be added. The group ID is found in the group page URL, usually the last five or six numbers. For example, UTK’s group ID is 525324.

Verifying Impacts

The responsibility of verifying impacts falls on the opportunity organizer. It is important to verify all legitimate impacts as quickly as possible, as many of our students could need these hours for a class or scholarship. You can approve impacts individually, in bulk, or when users sign in to your event.

In order to verify impacts you just need to go to the “Manages Impacts” page under “Impacts” in your page dashboard. From here you can verify multiple impacts by selecting the checkbox next to the user’s name. Then all you need to do is select “Bulk Actions” and “Verify Selected Impacts”. You can also verify individual impacts by finding the user and selecting “Verify Impact” in the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. You can also verify hours when checking users into the event. Read more about that process here.

Please do not verify impacts for events that were not organized by your group. They will be disputed.