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Are you a community partners looking for volunteers? ServeUTK (powered by GivePulse) is a civic engagement platform for matching, tracking, and assessing community engagement of UT students, faculty, and staff.

Through this platform you will be able to post your volunteer needs, track registration, and access impact data. This new platform replaced the Sign Up to Serve Calendar and Track Your Hours portal.

Enter ServeUTK Here

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As a local non-profit organization, you will be able to affiliate your organization account with the university’s. To create an account, visit this link.

Please refer to GivePulse’s QuickGuide for Administrators to get an in-depth look and explanation of how to access and manage your ServeUTK account. You can also find additional training videos here.

To create an event for your group, you can use the left menu to select Event > Add event. From there, you will complete the event workflow then publish when the settings are configured to your liking. You can learn more about creating an event here.

Yes! There can be registration approval where you can approve everyone who signs up individually.

  • We recommend that requests not exceed a five-hour period or span more than one day. If you have a long event, it is best to break it up into multiple shifts.
  • Volunteer requests must not place student volunteers in harm’s way or expose them to drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Volunteer requests must not utilize UT volunteers to sell items or collect money for an agency or institution.
  • ServeUTK is utilized all year but note that events that take place during breaks and closings (i.e. during fall break, spring break, winter break, administrative closings, official exam periods, etc.) may get slightly smaller attendance.

Shifts are for opportunities where you need volunteers for specific sets of time. Shifts allow you to set exactly when the volunteers will start and end their service. Time Slots are for more open ended opportunities, they allow you to set a period of time where the user can select when they want to serve.

Example: You may have a need for volunteers anywhere from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Using time slots, volunteers can select to serve from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Note that you do have the ability to set a minimum number of hours that the user must serve.

The responsibility of verifying impacts falls on the opportunity organizer. It is important to verify all legitimate impacts as quickly as possible, as many of our students could need these hours for a class or scholarship.You can approve impacts individually, in bulk, or when users sign-in to your event.

In order to verify impacts you just need to go to the “Manages Impacts” page under “Impacts” in your page dashboard. From here you can verify multiple impacts by selecting the checkbox next to the user’s name. Then all you need to do is select “Bulk Actions” and “Verify Selected Impacts”. You can also verify individual impacts by finding the user and selecting “Verify Impact” in the drop down menu on the right side of the screen. You can also verify hours when checking users into the event. Read more about that process here.

Using ServeUTK, you can create custom impact reports. To do this, start from your page dashboard. Select “Impacts” from the menu on the left of the screen and then click “Manage Impacts”. On this page select “Configure Layout”. This menu will allow you to select which items you want to look at. Once you have done that, click the blue “Actions” button and then click “Export”. This will give you the option to export all of the data or just the items visible on the page. Once you select your preference, it will export the information into an excel document.

If you have admin roles for any group, you can update how often you receive key admin updates from your groups in your settings. Read about your options here.

Questions? Email Natalie Frankel at or schedule a meeting with her.