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Volunteer Impact Academy Cohorts

Volunteer Impact Academy was launched in Fall 2021. The students that are selected to join the program are engaged in a four-year scaffolded curricular and co-curricular journey designed to enhance their personal leadership skills and commitment to community engagement. Throughout this cohort experience, these students are engaging in sustained dialogue on active citizenship and development of their leadership capacity. The students in this academy have collectively served at over 15 different community service sites and gained over 3,700 service hours. This program helps develop aspiring servant leaders and gives them the platform to impact our community by creating sustainable change through leadership and service. Volunteer Impact Academy was designed to align with our namesake: VOLUNTEERS, “One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others” -Volunteer Creed

Inaugural Volunteer Impact Academy Creates Connections

Name Major
Beller, Pailin Electronic Media/Journalism
Burgess, Dalton Finance
Clark, Diamond Finance
Clawson, Taylor Interior Architecture
Coleman, Abbie Pre-Med
Contractor, Lokesh Management
Downer, Maddie Nursing & Business Management
Eckley, Lauren Political Science
Fladeland, Emma Advertisement
Guzi, Jacob Kinesiology
Hamlin, Hollister Political Science
Hardin, Grace College Scholars
Henn, Sophia Anthropology
Hoschak, Madison Nutrition
Hurd, Sammi Architecture
Johnson, Aj Advertisement
Jones, Blue Exploratory/Nursing
Kemmer, Ethan Finance
Khor, Zi Xin Biomedical Engineering
Kulesa, Anna Nursing
Lindsey, Chelsea Sports Management
Lyman, Benjamin Nursing
McKenzie, Bryce Food Science
McKinney, Katie Plant Science
McMahon, Ainslee Kinesiology
Nolan, Joey Economics
Patel, Jeet Finance
Patel, Saral Finance
Patil, Nayana Computer Science
Perez, Mya Public Relation
Richardson, Jordan Agriculture Communications
Roberts, Macy Journalism and Electronic Media
Rockwell, Sadie Business Marketing
Sanders, Abbey Marketing
Shah, Aayush Finance
Smith, Victoria C Pre-Med
Spiegel, Becca Biology: EEB
Steisslinger, Eli Finance
Thompson, Knox Graphic Design
Thornton, Kyla Business Management
Timms, Julia Advertisement
Vroon, Noah Supply Chain Management
Wettengel, Mason Finance
White, Elle Aerospace Engineering
Winter, Hannah Marketing

Name Major
Allen, Taylor Architecture
Armstrong, Grey Computer Engineering
Batthany, Carolyn Anthropology
Bice, Madaline Speech Language Pathology
Brown, Kelsey Finance
Bruinton, Terry Pre-Dental
Buffington, Briley Neuroscience
Carneal, Sam Finance
Carrin, Abigail Marketing
Chawaga, Kelly Public Health
Choate, Olivia Supply Chain
Clements, Silas Mechanical Engineering
Collins, Mia Biological science
Davis, Bri Pre-Law
Depersio, Ava Retail Merchandising Management
Donaldson, Hadley Pre-Professional Pharmacy
Driskill, Jalyiah Elementary Education
Duhig, Kelsey Marketing
Ellis, Matthew Psychology
Euart, Kate Kinesiology
Gray, Foster Business Analytics
Hreish, Diana Kinesiology
Hughes, Maddie Kinesiology
Jackson, Myles Business Management
Janda, Austin Therapeutic Recreation
Jenkins, Belle Wildlife and Fisheries Management
Johnson, Jay Exploratory
Jones, Melana Arts and Sciences Exploratory
Kobin, Jamie Supply Chain Management
Maravilla, Chantel Psychology
Martz, Gabriel Economics
McCraw, Laurel Therapeutic Recreation
McCurry, Ainsley Special Education
Nolan, Joy Nutrition/Dietetics
O’Connor, Aidan Business
Ogundokun, Sharon Pre-medicine
Pastor, Noah Supply Chain Management
Phillips, Abby Business Exploratory
Pierce, Lydia Biological Sciences
Shrivastava, Sanya Computer Science
Smith, Avery Forensic Anthropology
Steele, Kennedy Forensic Anthropology
Stephenson, DeLiyah Chemistry
Tanner, Zakayla Biology
Turney, Ali Business
Van Dyke, Drew Computer Science
Vejack, Ella Psychology
Wallace, Emily Sports Management
Williams, Ryan Marketing
Zimmer, Colin Electrical Engineering

Name Major
Baez, Jen University Exploratory
Baker, Kelsey Kinesiology
Baranek, Laura Elementary Education
Barnhart, Amelia Child and Family studies
Bartolini, Bella Forensic Anthropology
Betonio, Justine Nursing
Blackwell, Colyer Kinesiology
Borchardt, Mia Health and human services
Bosco, Christela Finance
Bowman, Donovan Kinesiology
Brock, Cole Mechanical Engineering
Brunet, Tim Nursing
Burlison, Eli Aerospace Engineering
Burnette, Landon Construction Science and Management
Clark, Madison Public Health
Cornelson, William Biomedical Engineering
Curlee, Turner Supply Chain Management
Davis, Isabella Kinesiology
Doyle, Everette Mechanical Engineering
Eurales, Cecilia Kinesiology
Favre, Isabel Public Health
Fisk, Eli Computer Science
Funk, Cora Biological Sciences
Hallyburton, Karsen Civil engineering
Hayes, Zachary Mechanical Engineering
Jackson, Ashley Journalism and Electronic Media
Jenkins, Abby Business Adminstration Exploratory
Jenkins, Amorett Nursing
Johnson, Eden Psychology
Landon, Koch Pre-Professional
LePage, Hollis Political Science
Lord, Caroline University Exploratory
Mason, Grace Biological Sciences
Mayfield, Jack Kinesiology
McAllister, Cameron Supply Chain Management
McBride, Madi Geology and Environment
McHaffie, Ryann Biological Sciences
Moriarty, Maggie Biology
Nguyen, Emily Economics
North, Emma Interior Architecture
ODell, Brant Therapeutic Recreation
Padget, Cathleen Animal Science
Paquin, Mills Business Management
Patel, Aarya Management
Paz-Calix, Vanessa Art
Phanvathong, Stanley University Exploratory
Pittman, Lexi Public Health
Pope, Katie Finance
Ross, Sapporiah Nursing
Shern, Kiersten Supply Chain Management
Smith, Garrett Finance
Snyder, Caolyn Hospitality and Tourism
Sorenson, Maddox Finance
Steisslinger, Ty Kinesiology
Sullenbarger, Hannah Architecture
Sykes, Na’Kyah Kinesiology
Terry, Emily Journalism and Electronic Media
Thang, Van Civil Engineering
Williams, Kyla University Exploratory


Names coming soon!