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Ignite Leadership

Ignite Student Leaders

It wouldn’t be possible for Ignite to run without the passion, dedication, and time of the Ignite student staff. There are six Student Directors and 80 Ignite Team Leaders dedicated to making the Ignite magic happen!

Ignite Student Directors

The Ignite program has six Student Directors who help coordinate each Ignite session. Student Directors are former Ignite Team Leaders who help hire, mentor, train, and lead the Ignite Team Leaders as well run logistics for the program. They are a crucial part of the Ignite program and its success!

To learn more about what is required to be an Ignite Student Director, check out the Ignite Student Director Position Description.

Ignite Student Directors develop the following skills and competencies:

Ignite Team Leaders

Ignite Team Leaders serve as mentors to incoming students in their transition to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and in their leadership development. They introduce incoming students to life as a UT Volunteer and opportunities to get involved on campus and in the community.

The Ignite Team Leaders work with the following programs:

The Ignite Team Leader position is incredibly competitive, but also exceptionally rewarding. Applicants should ensure they meet the minimum qualifications and are able to fulfill the responsibilities of the position before applying.

Check out the Ignite Team Leader Position Description

Ignite Team Leaders develop the following skills and competencies:


Ignite Team Leader Interest Sessions

Ignite TL Interest Sessions are highly encouraged for students wanting to pursue the position. These interest meetings will cover all the Ignite TL responsibilities and qualifications in depth. They are also the best place to get questions about the TL position answered! New interest sessions will being in September 2023.


Ignite TL applications are closed.