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Jones Center Ambassadors Spring 2024

Jones Center Ambassadors

Who are the Jones Center Ambassadors?

The Jones Center Ambassadors (JCAs) are a group of student leadership and service educators dedicated to serving the campus and community. They work to connect fellow students to leadership and service experiences.

What Services Do JCAs Provide?

The JCAs provide a couple primary services to the campus and Knoxville community:

Leadership Programs: JCAs facilitate leadership programs to hundreds of students each year on the topics of All About the JCLS and How to Engage in Volunteering. Programs can be tailored to the needs of each group. Learn more about our programs and request a program through our website.

Service Events: JCAs plan and carry out service events for students in areas including food insecurity, education, environmental sustainability, global issues, civil rights, and health care. Do you have a group that would like to do service together? You can request a service experience a JCA will plan your service experience for you. To learn more about service requests, please visit our website.

Meet the 2024 Jones Center Ambassadors

Not pictured: Taylor Bowles, Carson Broughton


Jones Center Ambassador Role Description 

The Jones Center Ambassadors (JCAs) are a group of leadership and service peer educators dedicated to serving the campus and community as an educational resource. The JCAs are involved in a variety of events servicing the campus community and greater Knoxville area. As the official ambassadors of the Jones Center for Leadership and Service (JCLS), the JCAs are a paid leadership experience within the office that exist to connect fellow students to leadership and service experiences. This purpose is met by presenting programs to various campus groups on topics related to leadership & service, and serving community needs through education, service & reflection.  

  • Provide students, organizations and the Knoxville community with leadership resources, services, and information about UT
  • Present programs to organizations on topics including communication, leadership styles, values, and general office information.
  • Partner with community agencies to plan and execute service events for students
  • Encourage leadership development through the process of reflecting on experiences
  • Develop unique marketing plans and tabling opportunities to support and encourage all JCLS office programs
  • Staff the Jones Center for Leadership and Service front desk

  • Demonstrate a desire and willingness to learn more about leadership and service in the campus and community and show initiative when called upon to lead and serve.
  • Be reliable, responsible, confident, and flexible
  • Possess effective communication skills in order to facilitate group discussions, presentations and collaborate with community partners
  • Display a willingness to help others and enjoy working with people
  • Demonstrate a commitment to UT, and developing the leadership and citizenship of its students
  • Serve as a role model for all other undergraduate students at the University of Tennessee
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude at all times and the ability to show respect for peers, advisors, and students.
  • JCAs must have and maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA, be in good academic standing with UT, uphold the University standards of conduct and attend ALL required JCA meetings.
  • JCAs are allowed two absences from meetings per semester.

Jones Center Ambassadors will have opportunities to develop career competencies in their role, including:

Student Leadership Competencies:

  • Collaboration
    • Students will learn how to work collaboratively with peers through the sharing of ideas and distribution of responsibilities to achieve a common objective
  • Group Development
    • Students will learn skills to help groups develop a sense of shared purpose, commitment, and trust to increase group productivity.
  • Social Responsibility
    • Students will learn beneficial ways to engage with the community in an effort to foster healthy and supportive communities.
  • Facilitation
    • Students will learn how to manage intergroup dialogue and direct the flow of discussion by asking prompting questions and helping the group reach the best conclusion possible.

Career Readiness Competencies:

  • Critical Thinking
    • Students will facilitate service/program experiences (from pre-planning to post-planning wrap up); coordinating multiple aspects of the experience including transportation, student and community partner, etc. correspondence, resolve issues as they arise
    • Students will examine commonly held beliefs at UT regarding community engagement, mutually beneficial service, required volunteering etc.
  • Communication
    • Students will consult various Knoxville non-profits to determine volunteer needs, service event details, and opportunities for JCLS collaborations.
    • Students will facilitate programs, service experiences, and tabling events to diverse student populations in a clear and concise manner.
    • Students will effectively communicate with fellow JCAs and JCLS staff while in JCA committees and during bi-weekly meetings.
  • Teamwork
    • Students will collaborate with campus staff and students, fellow JCAs, and Knoxville community partners to plan and facilitate relevant service and programs.
    • Students will work within specific committees to establish and implement goals and projects that promote the JCLS and encourage students to engage in meaningful service.
  • Technology
    • Students will utilize the Serve UTK portal to help verify impact hours, highlight portal features to the campus community, and track their service impacts.
    • Students will employ various technologies (PowerPoint, Excel, Canva) to facilitate JCLS programs and committee tasks.
  • Leadership
    • Students employ the campus community to engage with the Jones Center and our service experiences/programs by utilizing their specific strengths to promote our resources.
    • Student Directors, an elevated position within the Jones Center Ambassadors, lead bi-weekly meetings, conduct individual check-ins, and supervise individual committees.
  • Professionalism
    • Students will represent the JCLS at tabling and program events, where they will have networking opportunities with various campus departments and staff
    • Students will have numerous occasions to develop and implement characteristics associated with professionalism, including competency, personal accountability, and integrity as they attend JCA class and communicate with various non-profits within Knoxville.
  • Career and Self-Development
    • Students will engage in self-reflection to determine how their identities, past experiences, and interests influence their community involvement.
    • Students will learn how to market their leadership position and volunteer experience on their resume/within job interviews to successfully secure internships and jobs.
  • Equity and Inclusion
    • Students will learn about the importance of mutually beneficial service, social inequalities, and the power and privilege associated with volunteering.