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Students harvesting tomatoes from a garden

Community Partners for VOLServe

If you are a Knoxville-area Community Partner, and are interested in hosting student volunteers during any of our VOLServe Monthly Days of Service events, please fill out the form below. Time below include transportation so you can except volunteers at your site for around 2 hours. Please be sure you will have enough service for the number of volunteers you can host. The volunteers will arrive via UT transportation and will stay through the duration of the assigned service time. A Jones Center Ambassador will bring the students and assist in facilitation and organization of the service activity. Questions can be directed to Laura Ketola at or 865-974-1039.

Community Partner Volunteer Request- VOLServe

Please complete the following form if you are interested in having a group of University of Tennessee student volunteers come serve at your organization during a VOLServe monthly service event. *** PLEASE NOTE that you must fill out a different request for each individual VOLServe event you are interested in
    ***Please fill out a different form for each service request.
  • Please note, there MUST be a staff member present during the time of service.
  • Please make sure this is the correct address for bus/van drivers. Also, please add any specific information about finding your location, if needed.
  • Please provide a minimum and maximum number, in the following format: (i.e. 5-15).
  • Examples: work gloves, shovels, etc. PLEASE NOTE that in most cases, we can only provide work gloves and any additional supplies will need to be provided by you.