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Parent & Alumni Resources

A group of nine alumni standing together in a roomWelcome from the Center for Leadership & Service! We appreciate your support and desire to learn more about the work we are doing! Please see some of our frequently asked questions below, and stay in touch by emailing to be added to our mailing list! Also consider supporting our programs through a small gift.


Why should your student be involved in the Center for Leadership & Service? In general, students who engage in campus involvement opportunities are more likely to persist to graduation (Astin, 1984). The Center offers a variety of different involvement options for your students whether they are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior! If your student is interested in enhancing their leadership skills, serving the community, becoming more educated on social justice or perhaps just looking for life-long friendship and mentorship- the Center offers all of those things!

In addition, students who participate in service activities during their undergraduate years have enhanced academic development, life skill development, and an increased sense of civic responsibility (Astin & Sax, 1998). So, as your student is looking for places to make his or her mark on campus and in the community, the Center for Leadership & Service is a good place to start!

Now that your student is involved with the Center for Leadership & Service, here are the “Top 4 Ways” to help your student navigate their leadership and service experience!

  • Have your student visit the “Get Involved” and “Get Educated” tabs on our site! The Center for Leadership & Service is constantly updating the website with various opportunities for leadership and service engagement, many of which can be found in these two areas.
  • Sponsor your student’s leadership and service journey! Whether your student is going on an Alternative Break, participating in the Ignite Program, attending the LeaderShape Institute, or partaking in one of the many programs in the office, there is always a way to help your student financially through this process! Please see our “Ways to Give Back” below.
  • Encourage your student to get outside their comfort zone! The office’s spirit, mission, and values work to educate and engage all students. Many times, this means thinking outside of the box, stepping up to the plate, or committing to cause; which isn’t always easy! Help support them as they access meaningful leadership & service experiences.
  • Stay Connected! Visit our Service Calendar under our “Sign up to Serve” tab, “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter – and have your student do the same!

Additional Resources for Parents


We truly believe that you are a “Vol for Life” and treasure the involvement of alumni in our Center.Thanks to the generosity of alumni like Clay and Debbie Jones and the Clifton M. Jones family, our Center is able to provide countless life-changing experiences for our students, while making a positive impact on our community! Alumni involvement ranges from speaking at events, mentoring students, guest teaching a class, leading a student training, to offering financial support for our students to attend many meaningful leadership and service experiences like Alternative Breaks, Ignite, LeaderShape, Emerging Leaders and more!

To learn more about how to become an involved alumni with the Center for Leadership & Service, please email today!


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Astin, A.W. (1984). Student involvement: A developmental theory for higher education. Journal of College Student Personnel, 40(5).