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Leadership & Service Living & Learning Community


Applications for Fall 2020 LSLLC open now!

The Leadership & Service Living & Learning Community (LSLLC) is open to all first-year students with a desire to learn more about leadership and serve local organizations. Living in the LSLLC will provide students with the opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills through components of education and engagement.

Launching in Fall 2019, the LSLLC will be located in Massey Hall, a community style residence hall. Students involved will be living within a community based on the values of leadership and service. The design allows students to meet and form relationships with others who share similar interest in developing into leaders and are passionate about giving back to the local community. Students will be able to learn from others’ leadership experiences and develop a greater awareness of diverse perspectives in and out of the classroom setting.

Requirements to join the LSLLC: 

  • Enroll in a Fall First Year Studies section specifically reserved for Leadership & Service Community Students. The class will be a small seminar which includes students in your community and focuses on introductory-level leadership theory and practice, as well as campus and community involvement.
  • Enroll in a Spring Leadership Seminar Course focusing specifically on the practices of Servant Leadership, social justice, and using leadership to better communities. (Class credits can be used towards a Leadership Minor).
  • Participate in the following leadership and service programs coordinated by the Jones Center for Leadership & Service:
    • One session of Ignite during Summer 2020: Knox, Leadership Summit, or Serves
      • As soon as a student is accepted, they can register for Ignite here. (Registration fees will be waived for all LSLLC members)
    • 2021 MLK Jr. Day of Service
    • 2021 Clifton M. Jones Leadership Conference
  • Participate in the Fall and Spring group service projects.
  • Complete 15 hours of community service tracked through the JCLS’s service over the course of the academic year.


Questions? Contact:

Jones Center for Leadership and Service:

Phone: (865) 974-1039


University Housing:

Phone: (865) 974-1419