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Student Resources

Leadership Studies Minor Course Requirements

Click here to learn more about the required and elective classes within the minor. Students are required to complete the following 12 hours to receive the LSM:

  • ELPS 201-Foundations of Leadership Studies (3)
  • ELPS 350- Leadership Skill Development and Application (3, 1 of which is conducted online)
  • ELPS 450* (3) Leadership in Transition (to be taken in Fall of Senior Year) OR
  • ELPS 451* (1) – Leadership in Transition (to be taken in Fall of Senior Year) and ELPS 411 (3) Leadership Knoxville Scholars (to be taken in the Spring of Senior Year)

* ELPS 201 and ELPS 350 are pre-requisites for ELPS 450/451.

Elective credit. Please click here to see approved electives. You may also click here to submit a course for elective credit.

Applied Leadership Experiences

In addition to the curriculum referenced above, each student participant within the minor will be required to perform a minimum of 60 Applied Experience hours, where they are experiencing leadership in a campus or community context. These experiences will focus predominantly on the following four domains:

  • Service & Social Responsibility: Experiences that expose students to service learning, community service, volunteerism, social justice and/or social responsibility.
  • Multiculturalism: Experiences that expose students to multicultural and intercultural learning experiences through programs, positions, service, and trainings.
  • Academic Endeavors: Experiences that expose students to academic leadership experiences inside and outside of the classroom including research and academic leadership positions.
  • Student Leadership: Experiences that engage students in positional and non-positional leadership opportunities, positions and formal and informal roles across campus and in the community.

Click here to see the pre-approved Applied Leadership Experiences.

How to Record Your Hours on VolLink

Editable Portfolio Template

Registration Guidelines

The Leadership Studies Minor is a partnership between the Center for Leadership & Service and the Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Department.

Please email for more information