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Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

In true Volunteer fashion, we know many of you are looking for ways to serve during these unusual times. While many of our normal volunteering efforts have been paused, there are still ways that you can serve from afar. Continue to check back for more opportunities. Are you a community partner hoping to add an opportunity to this list? Visit this page to learn how. Are you looking for in-person service opportunities? Visit our Sign Up to Serve Calendar.

Boy Scouts of America- Great Smoky Mountain Council

Boy Scouts of America- Great Smoky Mountain Council works with inner-city Knoxville areas called the Chehote CHAMPIONS District. They would like to focus on creating a coordinated marketing plan that could include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Mailchimp newsletter, and possibly more. Interested? Contact Anthony L. Ingram at or 865-850-4405.

Knoxville Area Rescue Mission

KARM would love for you and your family to create index-card-sized homemade cards for staff to place on each of KARM’s bed pillows. Their goal is for Every Bed Every Day (EBED) to have a card placed on it. These EBED cards could include a picture you’ve drawn, words of encouragement, etc. During these uncertain times, KARM believe these cards will deeply bless their guests who don’t usually receive mail from family or friends. With more than 300 beds, you cannot make too many cards. Once completed, cards can be mailed to KARM: 418 North Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917, Attn: Jo-Ann Hansen. Questions? Contact Jordan Foxwel at or 865-363-9329.

Trans Empowerment Project

The Trans Empowerment Project is a Knoxville, TN based organization whose main purpose is to help empower the transgender community by first uniting the community with its allies.They have a variety of volunteer needs and you can find more details here on their website.

TRV Stewardship Council

TRV Stewardship Council is in need for assistance with website content for an online geotourism mapguide that represents the cultural, recreational, and historical assets of the Tennessee River Valley watershed. Both written and photo/ video content is needed for counties in northeastern and middle Tennessee.  All work can be done virtually and content is reviewed for accuracy. This project launched in 2011 and seeks to serve rural communities in building community and economic sustainability..  The purpose of the mapguide is to inspire travelers to visit this region, but to also inspire communities to preserve and protect their own unique stories. Interested? Contact Julie Graham at

Young-Williams Animal Center

Young-Williams has cute pets that need your help! Consider joining our team of foster volunteers through the shelter’s curbside foster program. Foster volunteers provide temporary homes for animals as they prepare to enter our adoption program. Apply online at

Can’t take an animal overnight? Give one of our adoptable dogs their best day ever by taking them on a Doggie Day Trip! For more details visit:


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education, and blood donation services throughout the United States. The Red Cross is looking for Digital Advocates that serve in a variety of roles like monitoring online conversations for disaster-affected people who may need Red Cross help, sharing important disaster updates and resources through their personal social media accounts, and offering a compassionate voice to people who have been impacted. For more information, or to apply to become a digital advocate, visit the Red Cross website.

Amnesty Decoder

Amnesty International is a global movement of people who campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. Amnesty Decoders is a platform for volunteers around the world to use their computers or phones to help our researchers analyze tweets and other online material to detect hostility, threats, or degrading language towards vulnerable individuals. For more information or to register as a volunteer, please visit the Amnesty International Website.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free mobile app with a goal to make the world more accessible for blind and low-vision people. The app connects blind and low-vision individuals with sighted volunteers from all over the world through a live video call. For more information, visit


Bookshare is an organization that creates PDFs of books in order to adapt the books to be understandable for folks with disabilities. Volunteers can either help scan books in, or review PDFs to ensure that there are no errors in the PDF so it can be sent along to be utilized. Sign up to volunteer at

Brighten A Day

Brighten A Day was founded as a way to spread kindness. During the pandemic, their efforts have been focused on alleviating loneliness and isolation amongst retirement home residents, hospitalized patients, and frontline workers. Volunteers can make uplifting cards, letters, and video messages for retirement homes and hospitals. For more information, contact

Carnamah Historical Society

This historical society gives volunteers the opportunity to transcribe diaries and letters to be entered into a library for accessibility to all. If you’re interested, email

Distributed Proofreaders

Distributed Proofreaders help in the tedious process of converting public domain books into accessible e-books for the globe. Primarily in conjunction with Project Gutenberg, volunteers help work through the litany of books needing conversion as well as check one another’s work to ensure the book is translated properly. Help make the world’s texts accessible to all by signing up today at

The Doe Network

The International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons uses volunteers to help sort through potential matches submitted to their website and research possible leads and evidence that may have slipped through the cracks. Apply to be a part of their volunteer team at

Empower Work

Empower Work provides a support network for professionals in the workplace who need a shoulder to lean on. Through confidential chats with volunteer peer counselors, professionals can seek advice for how to navigate difficult conversations in the workplace, the process of confidently asking for a raise, and even weighing the pros and cons of leaving a job. Become a peer counselor today by signing up at

FLOSS Manuals

FLOSS Manuals is a site that creates and edits open-source manuals on Free and Open Source Software in several different languages. If you have a passion and knowledge for accessible software, consider contributing at


IMAlive is an online crisis intervention organization that connects trained volunteers with folks in need of a space of empathy, understanding, and grace. Volunteers listen and act in kindness, helping those in need to begin to construct coping mechanisms and get them in touch with folks needed to provide long-term help. IMAlive is looking for volunteers to complete their volunteer training program and start volunteering to help those in crisis. Those interested must complete the required training and commit to completing 200 hours of service within a year at IMAlive. Sign up for their training program here:

Learn To Be

Learn To Be serves as an organization to bring in mentors to underserved communities everywhere and provide role models and supportive adults to K-12 students to increase their chances of graduation. Sign up to be a mentor:


If you love reading books aloud, this service opportunity is for you! LibriVox volunteers record themselves reading public domain books into .mp3 files to ensure that the books are completely accessible to the world for free. If you’d like to lend your voice to their mission, sign up to volunteer at

Lifetime Connections Without Walls

This program is run by Family Eldercare and connects volunteers to older adults living alone at home in order to provide conversation, activities, and engagement- especially during the pandemic, which affects the elderly the most. Volunteers can serve from anywhere, just call in and you’ll be matched with a counterpart. Volunteers must complete a volunteer application at before serving.

Map Rectification Project

Helmed by the New York Public Library, this project connects historic maps to modern overlays and needs help combing through and connecting historical roads to their modern equivalents. Watch the introduction video at and follow the directions to help rectify a map yourself!


MapSwipe is an app that utilizes volunteers to swipe through maps in order to find communities at risk from natural disasters. This data is provided to first responders to deliver aid quickly and efficiently. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play and get started swiping.

Missing Maps

Missing Maps uses volunteers to map areas of the world that have insufficient documentation in order to increase the availability for humanitarian organizations to act quickly in times of emergency and provide sustained aid. Learn how to contribute at

National Sexual Assault Online Hotline

RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) operates this hotline and relies on trained volunteers to staff the hotline 24/7. Volunteers must complete a 20 hour training course and commit to volunteering at least 10 hours a month for 18 months, all training is provided for by RAINN. You can sign up to begin the training on their volunteer website.

The Nation Map Corps

This Corps of the Department of the Interior needs volunteers to aggregate the most up-to-date maps of all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Help them at


OpenMRS is an organization dedicated to building the best open source electronic medical records system worldwide. They have a variety of different volunteer opportunities, even for those who are not pursuing STEM fields. Reach out to volunteer at


This database is always looking for volunteers to help make their global map better- sign up today at


Prepr is committed to making a difference globally in the field of education. They’re looking for volunteers who are interested in marketing, website development, and graphic design to help further their mission of making multi-national education enrichment accessible. Contact them here:

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

The Smithsonian seeks to engage the public in making their collections more accessible. This is done by utilizing digital volunteers to transcribe historic documents and collection records to facilitate research and excite the learning in everyone. Interested? More information about this opportunity and registering as a volunteer can be done through the Smithsonian website.


This organization helps provide refugees with an app staffed by volunteers who can translate and/or interpret languages between those seeking aid and those dispensing it. Volunteers who work with Tarijimly must be multilingual and fluent, and can sign up to translate/interpret at

TED Translators

Help translate TED Talks in order to help fulfill TED’s mission of spreading ideas and engaging with different cultures. If you’re fluent in a language other than English, consider applying to volunteer with TED Translate at

Translators Without Borders

If you have another language skill, Translators Without Borders recruits volunteers to help translate critical documents. These documents include medical information and crisis response documents. To find more information and apply to help, go to

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project provides a crisis hotline for LGBTQ+ youth that provides aid and support through chat, text, and call. Sign up to take a training course and become a certified crisis counselor at


VocaliD’s Human Voicebank invites volunteers to share their voice in order to give a human voice to folks utilizing text-to-speech communication. Volunteers register and are asked to record themselves speaking particular phrases in order to achieve a bank of phonetic sounds that can be adapted to any situation. Get started at

World Family Children Foundation

This non-profit organization is looking for volunteers who are in high school or college to teach students of all grade levels. Despite school closures across the country due to COVID-19, a lot of kids still need to keep up with their school work online. Their young mentors program offers tutoring services to low-income families. Volunteers can tutor the students through online social platforms, like Zoom, Skype and Facebook Messenger. To register as a volunteer, apply online here.

Zooniverse Researcher

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research. This research is made possible by volunteers that assist researchers around the world by tagging photos, transcribing documents, and assisting with other tasks that advance the research process. For more information or to register as a volunteer, visit the Zooniverse website.


Catchafire is a volunteer search engine that volunteers can use to find opportunities based on cause area, skill set, and time commitment. Skills-based volunteer opportunities ranging in commitment can be found. Find more information at

Points of Light

Points of Light is a database connecting folks to social justice based volunteer opportunities wherever you may be, virtual or in-person. Find more information at



Looking for more ways to volunteer? Visit!